AR-15/M4 Black Digital Camouflage Wrap Rifle Skin


AR-15/M4 Camouflage Wrap Rifle Skin


Black Digital Camouflage Wrap Rifle Skin

Camouflage Gun Wrap Kits

Vinyl Skins for your Rifle!

Speed Demon Wraps presents DIY (do-it-yourself) Gun Wraps!

This Black Digital Skin is a custom fit skin for your AR-15/M4. there may be some slight trimming involved by the user depending on how you may want to personalize your gun wrap but these are machine cut to fit for ease of application.

Your vinyl skin is laminated with a matte finish. This lamination process reduces reflection as well as adds a layer of protection to the print.

We use a repositionable vinyl so you can move it until you get it just where it needs to be. But once you press down firmly, your skin will adhere and not move.

We want to Wrap Your World!   Speed Demon Gun Wraps will set your rifle apart from your buddies out on the range! Or, you can use our traditional camo Gun Wrap prints to help keep you hidden while hunting. We have a variety of traditional and specialty camouflage patterns.

Gun wraps come in a matte finish to prevent light reflection too!



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