Car Show Signs

Design your own Car Show Board using your photos and car information and our online design tools. 
Your final Car Show Board will be printed on Corrogated Plastic (and we have 9"x12" aluminum signs available too!)
Check out our different themes and styles to find one that fits your vehicle's personality. Classic and sleek like a '61 Jaguar, sporty and cheeky like the '65 Ford Mustang Shelby, or just utterly jaw-dropping like the 1938 Bugatti, we've got a theme and style to match. 
Placing your order is easy. Very easy. Use our online tools to design your ideal sign board. Choose the theme to match your vehicle, upload your photo, and add the specs. 
We'll send you a proof before we print your sign boards to make sure we've got everything just right. We are usually able to have a proof out to you with in 2 business days so if you don't see it in your email check our junk mail folder or contact us here at Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop.  
Tips for a Great Car Photo:
Your photo will be the centerpiece of your sign board. So we want to help you get the best picture. 
1. Shoot during the day. Not in the middle of the day with the sun beating down from above, but late morning and late afternoon are best, like a couple hours after the sun rises or a couple hours before it sets. Park at an angle with only one of your headlights pointing right at the sun as this will bathe the hood and one side in full sun.  You want the sun to be behind you when you take the photo but be sure to stand far enough back that your shadow doesn't hit the car. 
2. Watch out for items around the car that might reflect in your car paint job or chrome features. Staging your photo shoot in a large open place with nothing to reflect or cast shadows is best. You don't want a neighboring car or a mailbox to cast a reflection on your car and you don't want nearby trees casting shadows. Also make sure the ground is clean. You don't want a burst of yellow dandelion or parking lot stripes reflecting behind your tire. 
3. When taking the picture have the car fill the frame. If you're taking with a camara that has a vertical/horizontal feature, like a Smart Phone, use the horizontal feature. You can also use the close up feature to allow yourself to stand further back to avoid casting a shadow.  
We here at Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop love our old cars! From the cherry to the modified, we specialize in providing custom graphics that you can't find anywhere else. Custom Stripes, Rocker Panel Wraps, Hood Wraps and more. We're proud to add Car Show Boards to our available items. Whether you're entering your vehicle in a car show or you just want to get Dad a special gift we are here for ya. Try out our online design tools and our selections of themes, fonts, and styles, and get one of the best car show boards on the market!