Camaro Racing Stripes FLAMING SKULLS Blue with Purple Hue 2010-2015



Camaro Camo Stripes Blue with Purple Hue Flaming Skulls 2010-2015

Camaro Racing Stripes 

Flaming Skulls 

Blue with Purple Hue 


3M Air Release Vinyl
Bubble Free Installation

Camaro Racing Stripes 2010-2015

This set of Racing Stripes is die-cut with a 1/4" gap between the main body of the decal and the outer pin-striped edging. To maintain the integrity of the gap, we send these already affixed to a clear low-tack application tape (so Dry Apply only). However, this does make them more complicated to install and novice installers may find these more difficult. 
For the novice installer, we also provide these decals with a colored pinstripe between the main body and the outer-striped edge, so that the decal is one solid piece. These are easier to install and can be installed wet or dry.

2010-2015 Camaro Stripes