Camaro Racing Stripes Skulls Subdued 2010-2015 W Black Pinstripe

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Camaro Racing Stripes Skulls Subdued 2010-2015 With Black Pinstripe


This set of Arlon Racing Stripes is one solid piece with a 1/4" colored pinstripe between the main body of the decal pattern and the outer pin-striped edging. These are very easy to install wet or dry. 
For the expert installer, we also provide these decals with a die-cut band of striping between the main body and the pin-striped edge, so that the decal is two pieces -- the main body of the decal, a 1/4" gap where the car color shows through, and then a 1/4" pinstripe piece. These are harder to install but come with application tape.


2010-2015 Camaro Racing Stripes

Air Release Vinyl
Bubble Free Installation

Camaro Racing Stripes  2010-2015