Chevrolet Avalanche Stripes - Pink & Black Stripe 2007-2013 - Novice

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Chevrolet Avalanche Stripes

Chevrolet Avalanche Stripes - Pink & Black Stripe 2007-2013 - Novice

This is a specific "Pink Semi-Gloss" kit made for the Chevrolet Avalanche and Tailgate.

These Graphic Decal Stripes are printed with Premium 3M Vehicle Vinyl with Air Channel Release Technology. These micro-Air Release Channels help you get an easy, bubble-free install. We also laminate these with a clear cast laminate for years of protection. You can expect 7+ years of great vivid color on these Semi-Gloss Racing Stripes.

This set of Racing Stripes is one solid piece with a 1/4" black pinstripe between the main body of the decal pattern and the outer pin-striped edging. These are easy to install.

For the expert installer, we also provide these decals with a die-cut band of striping between the main body and the pin-striped edge, so that the decal is two pieces -- the main body of the decal, a 1/4" gap where the car color shows through, and then a 1/4" pinstripe piece. These are harder to install but come with application tape. They are also more expensive but you can find them at this URL on our store.

Racing Stripes come with installation instructions and access to a free installation training video.