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Chevrolet Truck Racing Stripes BA 1987-2000

Chevrolet Truck Racing Stripes BA 1987-2000

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Chevrolet Truck Racing Stripes Kit

Chevy Truck Racing Stripes



Chevrolet Truck Racing Stripes BA 1987-2000

Chevy Truck Racing Stripes BA 1987-2000

Chevrolet Truck Racing Stripes Kit. Each side is 11" wide at the widest spot. There is a tapered gap in the middle of the stripes. The outer pin stripe is 1/4" wide. The two racing stripes for the front are 52" long. The pair for the rear is 26" long. The optional pair for the roof is 72" long.

3m Air Release Vinyl
Bubble Free Installation

Please measure your vehicle before you purchase to ensure the decals will fit the way you want them to.

These sections are more easily manageable for the DIY installer to work with rather than trying to handle a single large Roll.  Looking for more than just your Rally Racing Stripes? This is a do it yourself graphics kit and custom trimming will be required to suit your vehicle. Since this is air release vinyl you don't have to use the wet application method but you can if you want to. We also offer matching Rocker Panels and Tailgate Wraps.


OEM & Metallic Colors Available
Contact Us for Pricing

This easy-to-use Racing Stripe kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Easy to follow instructions are included in your kit to help you.
Please measure your vehicle to get your desired length and width before ordering.

Some colors may be substituted with Avery Air Release Vinyl depending on the order.