Custom Design Your Own Tailgate Wrap - Blank Sheet

Custom Design Your Own Tailgate Wrap - Blank Sheet

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Custom Design Your Own Tailgate Wrap - Blank Sheet

Welcome to our exciting DESIGN YOUR OWN TAILGATE feature! It's simple and easy to use and you can create your own tailgate design. These are great for long-term tailgate wraps to advertise your business or hobby, or short-term wraps like decorating a couple's truck with JUST MARRIED decals. You can upload your own photos, write your own text, and see how it looks before you purchase. 

First, hover over our tailgate category and choose "CUSTOM TAILGATE WRAPS". This will take you to our many options. One is totally blank and you can upload your own photo. The others have our artwork and you just add your own text. Choose which of our many options works best for you. 

Once you choose your tailgate you'll see different options for conformity. We have different types of vinyl and depending on how flat or how curvy your tailgate is you many need more or less conformity. 

Then click on PERSONALIZE. If you choose to upload your own photo, you can do that first. Then you can use the buttons under the picture to turn it, enlarge it, move it to the left, the right, etc. Play with it until it's where you like it. Please be aware that the photo file needs to be large enough to be printable without getting fuzzy or pixelated. 

Next, choose to add text. If all you want is the photo, then click NO. If you want to add text, click YES. 
Once you get your text filled out, you can choose to put a bar at the bottom to highlight the bottom text. Choose your color and your opacity if you wish. 

Then you get the options to change fonts on each line and we've included a slew of styles. Play with those until each line is the font that matches your theme. 

Then your done! Add your custom tailgate to your car and if you wish, you can share the photo 
And that's it! Congratulations, you've just designed your very own tailgate wrap! 
Once purchased, we'll check it, contact you if we have any questions or concerns, and then print and ship. We usually contact within 24-48 hours to confirm we got your order and let you know if we need more info. We don't usually work the weekends so please keep an eye on your email account. If we do have questions or concerns, we won't print until we hear back from you. We want your tailgate wrap to be perfect. 

installation training videos library.

All of our types of vinyl have Air Channel Release technology so you get an easy, bubble-free install. Then, we use UV-resistant inks to preserve your vivid color. Then we topcoat that prints with a UV-resistant glossy clear laminate designed for vehicles to add longevity and durability.

The type of vinyl we recommend depends on the vehicle you're wrapping. Our standard high-quality vinyl is great for things that are basically flat and very simple smooth curves, such as going underneath the rocker. Our conformative vinyl is designed for mild to moderate curves. And lastly, our ultra-confirmative, for that item with complex curves. The complexity of the curves of your vehicle should define the Media you need.

Semi-Conformative:  Our High-Quality air-release vinyl is specialized for quick and easy installation on flat surfaces.

Conformative:  Our Conformative vinyl is designed for surfaces with mild to moderate curves.

Ultra-Conformative:  Specifically designed to wrap around more complex curves.

This easy-to-use wrap kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with your kit to help you wrap your Tailgate Wraps.

Adhesive vinyl graphics printed in vivid color.
Air Channel Release technology for easy, bubble-free installation
Universal Kit designed to fit most full-size and compact trucks and SUVs
Please measure your vehicle to get your desired height and width before ordering.

  • Personalized Returns:

    All Personalized Products are NON-RETURNABLE once they are made. 

    Any mistakes made by Speed Demon Wraps or an affiliated company will be rectified which may result in a refund or replacement.  Any mistakes made by the customer will not be rectified.

    If we are made aware of corrections prior to production, we are happy to make the necessary modifications depending on design time (a design fee may be added).

  • Shipping:

    We utilize USPS for all of our shipping needs.

    We generally ship orders out within 3 business days of receipt of payment ( including the initial payment with purchases made using Shop App Payments feature).

    If your address is not accessible to USPS services, please reach out and let us know as we can make exceptions on an as needed basis. Please note that you would be responsible for any additional charges.