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Xbox Console Wrap - Dragon in the Peaks - Series S

Xbox Console Wrap - Dragon in the Peaks - Series S

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Introducing our Xbox Series S Console Wrap, the ultimate way to give your console a stylish and personalized upgrade. Our high-quality wrap is designed to fit snugly against the edges of your Xbox, providing a sleek and eye-catching finish that's sure to turn heads.

Crafted using premium vinyl, our wraps are easy to apply and remove, leaving little to no residue behind. We use only the high quality materials, ensuring that your console will look great for years to come.

Note that we can provide these wraps both with or without laminate.  You can expect that with laminate these wraps will be stiffer and there by easier to install.  Also note that by default, we produce these as matte kits.  If we laminate the product, it becomes gloss.

As the Xbox Series S Console is by default white, we've found through trial and error that the edges of the vinyl are far less discreet.  This means just having 4 pieces of vinyl separate from one and another is far more apparent.  As we pride ourselves on creating clean and precise kits, this lead to the Novice Install and Expert Install classifications. 

  • Our Novice Install kit provides all 4 sides separate with the cut-lines brought off the edge to utilize the white into the design. 
  • The Expert Install Kit provides all 4 sides as 1 single piece of vinyl. This piece of vinyl starts from the back side with the access ports then rolls over the the left side (with the large vent) following up with the face of the console and then lastly the right side.  The $2 additional increase in price is due to additional shipping costs.

With our bold and vibrant Dragon in the Peaks design, our Xbox Console Wrap is the perfect way to show off your unique style and make your console stand out from your friends.

Please note that our Xbox Series S kits includes 4 precisely designed sides, ensuring that each panel is covered while avoiding any access points and ventilation as well as two controller wraps. 

Upgrade your gaming experience today and order your Xbox Console Wrap now!

Please note that this wrap is intended for the Xbox Series S Console.  If you are looking for the Series S Wrap, please search for the Design Name and Series X to quickly find the wrap you're looking for.